Today I would like to introduce you to an incredible skin care tool. It is vegan, free from chemicals, colouring, additives and irritants. It is 100% biodegradable and fully sustainable. This tool is made of 100% natural vegetable fibre, is packed with minerals and antioxidants and is environmentally safe and free of toxins.

The Konjac Sponge Co. travel set of face and body sponges. Comes in a bag for packing and for drying the sponges after use

This is the Konjac sponge! It is made from a potato (Konnyaku) which is a plant native to Asia, and grown at high altitudes. The Konjac potato is full of minerals and is naturally alkaline, which means it is gentle on your skin.

The Konnyaku potato has been used in China, Japan and Korea for over 1500 years in many ways, but especially as a beauty product. The first Konjac sponge that I bought and used was created for delicate baby skin!

Andalou Naturals konjac sponges

Other companies besides The Konjac Sponge Co sell Konjac sponges – like these ones from Andalou Naturals. Different shapes or colors can mean different degrees of hardness, or that some ingredients have been added to the sponge, like pink clay, volcanic scoria or other “things” –  which help with deep cleaning, cell stimulation and circulation and so on.

Young Living Orange Blossom Face Wash

I find the sponge is a perfect partner for my Young Living Orange Blossom Face Wash. In fact, just a pea-sized drop of face cleanser on the sponge makes the face wash go much farther, and it suds up much more than using a cotton pad or cotton ball. AND it is so soft on the facial skin…you won’t believe how wonderful it feels! Certainly much, much softer than a face cloth.

Wondering where you can purchase your own? Andalou Naturals are sold in many health food stores as well as some grocery store,s in their health or pharmacy section. I ordered my Konjac Sponge Co set from Amazon.ca – here.  You can also check out the website for the Konjac Sponge Co here.


Dry Skin Brushing

dry brush.jpg

About 4 years ago, I heard the term, “dry skin brushing” – but I had no clue what that was. So, after doing a bit of research, a happy discovery was made in finding  The Green Smoothie Girl website. I watched a video on Robyn Openshaw’s page about dry skin brushing, and decided to incorporate it into my weekly routine. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes forget to do some of the things for myself that I want to, so what I’ve done is actually SCHEDULE this once a week into my calendar! That way, I make sure that it is a priority!

So, what is dry skin brushing and why is it important? It is essentially stimulating the blood flow of your largest organ so that the dead cells are sloughed off…but wait! There’s more! The more important purpose of dry skin brushing is to assist the functioning of the lymphatic system, which is an important part of eliminating toxins from your body. (I always shower or have an epsom salts bath after dry brushing.)

Watch the video to see how to do the brushing properly, and download your free chart from Robyn to help you remember what to do each week when you help your body achieve maximum wellness!  Watch the dry skin brushing video here: GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL