“I’m allergic to eggs! What can I use?”

These days many people are finding themselves acquiring allergies they didn’t have before, and often panic can set it. After all, if you are suddenly allergic to eggs, your processed and prepared food choices are greatly reduced, and you wonder how you can use those favorite recipes you make for your kids and for special family gatherings?

Do not despair though! There are several options you can substitute for eggs, with great results. In fact, you may find that you prefer the substitutes, and have friends and family commenting on your successes, wanting to know your secret ingredient. 🙂

Here are 6 simple, quick replacements. I’m sure you’ll find one or more that work in all of your recipes which have eggs as an ingredient.

Flax egg: Place 1 Tbsp. of ground flax seed (either golden or brown) in a small bowl and add 3 Tbsp. of warm water. Stir to mix, and set aside to thicken for approximately 15 minutes. Use as a 1 – for 1 replacement for the eggs in your recipe. Flax eggs are good for making muffins, cakes, and bars like brownies.

flax egg.jpg

Chia egg: Grind the chia seed in a spice or coffee grinder until it is no longer seed, but mealy in texture. Place 1 Tbsp. of the ground chia in a small bowl with 3 Tbsp. of warm water. Allow to sit for about 10 minutes. Use as a 1 – to – 1 egg replacement in cakes, muffins and bars.


Banana: Banana can be used as an egg replacement in baking cakes and muffins which are more dense or “heavy”. Generally, use one ripe and mashed banana per egg called for in the recipe.


Applesauce: In the same way as banana can be used in cakes and muffins, you can use applesauce instead of eggs. Applesauce will give  slightly less sweetness than a banana. You can use up to 1/4 cup of applesauce per egg called for in the recipe. If the applesauce is sweetened, reduce the amount of other sweetener you use in the recipe.


Yogurt: You can use 1/4 cup of plain (organic, please!) yogurt per egg in a recipe. Yogurt makes pancakes and waffles light and fluffy!


Silken Tofu: And finally, you can replace the eggs in pastry and in homemade mayonnaise with the soft tofu known as “silken”. Blend 1/4 cup of the tofu per egg, until it is completely smooth and then proceed with your recipe.